Visit our Showroom for Complete Bathroom Design Inspiration

Complete Bathroom Design

With experience comes first hand knowledge; enabling sound decisions to be made to avoid mistakes. The same applies when making choices about a new complete bathroom design. If you can touch and feel the products and furniture, whether it’s for scale, colour or utility, then you will feel much more comfortable with your design and decision.

When planning your new complete bathroom design, our studio on the Long Ditton/Surbiton border is well worth a visit. You get to see how all the components of a bathroom design come together, get to test out how your new tap handle feels or simply to get some inspiration to help you with your decision making. Johanna Flores is our expert bathroom designer and creates most of the designs in our studio. She shares with us the top benefits of coming to visit our showroom.

Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring hand basin, selection of ceiling shower heads, tiles and mosaics
Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring hand basin

All in one place

One of the great things about a gallery and studio space is everything is in the same place. Tiles, paint and flooring is all here – which makes it much easier to visualise possible designs.

“The best way of creating a bathroom design that you know you’ll like is to see it in person” says Johanna.

Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring shower enclosure in cream tiles, recessed shelf, brown 2 drawer unit with white round basin mounted on top. Black radiator hung on wall opposite.
Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring shower enclosure

Choose the right colours

Colours are notorious for appearing slightly different in a catalogue or brochure to how they look first hand. Visiting our studio enables you to see paint colours in natural daylight against tiles, flooring, utilities and furniture; getting a much better impression of the exact colour and how it may look in your home.

“Brochures are good because they allow you to see the effect of a tile, but it’s always important to see the colour in real life” says Johanna. “Post production of photographs can be edited so that the shades are slightly different.”

Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring silver/light green mosaic. L shaped white tap and white basin unit
Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring tiling and sink unit

See quality of work

“It’s only when you see a bathroom that has been installed badly that you realise how important it is to see high quality finishes and decorating” says Johanna.

This is so true for all types of installation and decorating projects throughout the house. It’s the finishing touches that give a bathroom design the “wow-factor”.

Expert grouting, silicone and general decorating must be finished to a very high standard to make a design shine.

“Coming to our studio isn’t just a great way of seeing a design, but also seeing the standard to which we install them in people’s homes.”

Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring large white tiled shower area with dark mosaic tiles down the centre. 1 glass frameless screen fixed to the wall. Wall hung WC in white against a white painted wall. White medium sized radiator/ Dark large square floor tiles.
Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring shower area

See all your design options

“Sometimes people are pleasantly surprised that you can actually mix and match products from different brands in one bathroom” Johanna explains.

You may not have thought about mixing brands of furniture and fittings within a bathroom, but you don’t have to limit your design to one set, mixing it up can produce a fabulous look. A bathroom sink and toilet can come from different companies and still look stunning together – sometimes it just takes an experienced designer to show these combinations to you. Our showroom has bathroom displays that contain a mix of different branded products in one example bathroom. Ask us to show you which products are mixed and matched next time you’re here!

Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring lighting and antique mirror with dark brown single drawer floor standing unit with sunken ceramic sink ontop. Both against a faux brick wall.
Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring lighting and decor

Cast a new light on design

“Good lighting can either make or break your bathroom” says Johanna.

Lighting is usually an overlooked area when creating the perfect bathroom. We try and help you think about lighting as an integral part of your complete bathroom design, we mirror this in our studio. Ensure you check out our range of back-lit mirrors and bulbs lighting up our showroom and how it can really add ambience to a design.

Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring 14 different styles of taps to try from hansgrohe
Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring tap furniture to try


Sometimes it’s great to start a project with an open mind. Taking a look around our studio may give you some sudden inspiration and ideas for your new bathroom.

“Sometimes people have no idea what they want and they see a display and they want that exact design in their own homes” says Johanna.

Having a studio with bathroom designs is a great way of showing how some colour combinations do and don’t work. For example, right now many perceive the combination of brown and cream to be dated – but designed well they can look very contemporary. In fact, brown is one of the most common colours for visitors to say they dislike in a bathroom before entering the studio. After seeing our designs that include brown, they often change their minds!

Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring a roll top bath with stainless steel outside and white ceramic inside bath. Antique mirror floor to ceiling. 2 Wall sconces and white radiator against dark painted wall. Traditional floor standing dark sink with ceramic top against an exposed brick wall. Square mirror above this unit. Dark wood effect porcelain floor tiles.
Bathroom Eleven Design Studio featuring a complete bathroom design

“We even have people who say they don’t want brown and they see our display that has brown and cream together and just say, ‘I want that, that’s perfect” says Johanna.

Johanna designed our current fabulous showroom; showing beautiful examples of her excellent eye for design. In fact, Johanna is the sole designer of our new project – due to such high demand, we are expanding our current studio to include an entirely new showroom that will showcase some of the newest and slickest trends of bathroom design in 2017.  All to be revealed soon!

Get in touch with us or come and visit our studio to get inspiration for your perfect bathroom design.