Creating Privacy in Bathroom Design

Making your bathroom a haven of rest and relaxation is the accepted norm in bathroom design, as home-owners sacrifice living space to create spa-like zen bathrooms, they require privacy in their bathroom design as a fundamental part of the brief. Expert bathroom design gives you the privacy you need to enjoy relaxation time – in a room that may be shared with the rest of the family or overlooked by the neighbours.

“Privacy is very important, especially now as bathrooms have become a space to enjoy and relax rather than just functional” says Johanna Flores, bathroom designer at Bathroom Eleven. “I have clients now that ask for a place where they can rest their glass of wine while they unwind in the bath. It’s so important that it’s a place where people feel they can relax.”

There are many ways to incorporate private spaces into a bathroom. Johanna shares with us the most popular solutions:

Partition walls

“It’s a little rare to find the luxury of space to create a whole internal closet for the toilet in a bathroom, but partition and stud walls are a very popular solution to maintaining people’s privacy” says Johanna.

Building a stud wall between the toilet furniture and the rest of the bathroom provides seclusion to the user – especially in a family bathroom where others may  come in and out whilst it’s occupied.

Partition wall tiled the same mosaic finish as the walls for continuity
Partition wall tiled with the same mosaic as the walls for continuity

Continuous tiling on both floor and walls keeps the design consistent and smooth. Some partition walls do not not need to be full ceiling height, as this can sometimes be too overbearing in a smaller space and can block the light or design flow.

Stud walls are commonly built between the toilet and the bath, or the toilet and the sink. As well as providing extra privacy in a bathroom, these walls can also have another function.

“As a designer you can always find a functional twist to things like hiding a toilet” says Johanna.

Stud walls can be built with recessed shelves to keep items like bath soaks, toiletries or even towels if they are next to the bath. Not only do they offer a visually pleasing storage solution, they also provide privacy.

The wall of a walk-in shower or wetroom can also double-up as partition or stud wall with recessed shelving to save space in a bathroom. Take a look at some of our luxury wetroom designs to see how this technique can work in your home.

Lighting is crucial in a bathroom, so it is important to make sure your private, partitioned space is not in the dark. Recent studies have shown that 20-30 minutes exposure to daylight during our morning routine has an affect on our wellbeing. Adding a window in the partition will help the light flow through the room, or a shorter height stud wall allows light to flow over the top.

Close up of frosted glass to show perfect solution for privacy screen
Frosted glass is perfect for giving privacy in bathroom design

Frosted glass

Many of us love to have our bathrooms filled with natural light. We go to great lengths to find south-facing properties with large windows because of the positive impact daylight has not only on our well being, but the way our homes are organised.

Your bathroom is one place where you need plenty of light, and if it is natural daylight the more the better. However, that requires privacy from people outside the house as well as from within. Frosted glass is an excellent way of preventing people from looking in while preserving that all-important daylight.

Shower screens can also be frosted glass should you wish to create a little more privacy within the bathroom.

high windows above the bath to improve privacy
Higher windows or skylights are another great solution to creating privacy


Shutters are a perfect substitute to curtains or fabric blinds that can absorb moisture.  As well as being stylish, they offer a fast and easy solution to blocking out any onlookers.

“A lot of people feel claustrophobic in a space without windows, but it’s subjective” says Johanna. “There are some clients who just don’t want windows. Some feel their design looks more consistent when it’s lit the same with artificial light.”

Loft conversions made into bathrooms often have skylights and Velux windows rather than windows in the walls. These are an excellent solution to giving a room daylight and privacy from the outside at the same time.

“If you’re fortunate enough to have a bathroom that looks out at nothing but a view, you might not even need frosted glass” says Johanna. “There’s something very empowering about using your bathroom and looking out at an amazing view.”

We only need to look at some of the most luxurious hotel bathrooms in the world to qualify that point.  However, if you do have the luxury of open vistas outside your bathroom, you may still require privacy from the other users of the room.

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