Keeping a Bathroom Clutter-Free

We love creating dream bathrooms for our clients. Relaxing and revitalising is an important aide to shrug off our hectic daily routines. But to really feel the luxury, it’s vital to keep the space clutter-free. Here are our tips on keeping your bathroom space in top condition. 

Although many bathrooms begin immaculate, they can gradually grow more crowded as things like magazines and surplus towels start to sneak their way in. Johanna Flores, bathroom designer at Bathroom Eleven, has some advice on how to keep your bathroom looking beautiful and clutter-free:

Johanna Flores, designer at Bathroom Eleven
Johanna Flores, designer at Bathroom Eleven

“Keeping a space clutter free has always been everybody’s dream, without clutter you can focus on the beautiful aspects of the space without interrupting the accents you want to highlight.”

Store it elsewhere

There are many items in a bathroom that could easily be given another home to create more space. Keep an eye out for anything in your bathroom that could potentially live elsewhere.

“Laundry baskets are usually a big item that a lot of people keep in their bedrooms instead.”

Take a look around our showroom to see what is on display in our bathrooms and compare it to what you might have at home. Seeing what’s in other bathrooms can help you see what could be put elsewhere in the house.

Two wall hung inset sinks with two drawers underneath. Wall hung WC, marble floor and walls with silver,white & mirror effect mosaic tiles for sink splash back and insert for recessed shelf above WC. Wallhung mirrored cabinets and tall wall lights.
Clutter-free storage solutions for a bathroom in Esher

Items like scales, spare toiletries or even cleaning products can be allocated a practical but beautiful looking storage in your dream bathroom. Often luxury items such as soaps and scents are attractive enough to be placed on show.

“It’s about storing them in a practical way but making the solutions part of the design.”

Know your habits

Part of the skill of a good designer is to totally understand your lifestyle. When you come in to talk to our designers, we’ll chat about your daily routine – when and how you like to use the bathroom, who will be using it, at what time of day. This helps your designer see the bigger picture.

“Often when a client is imagining their dream bathroom and especially after seeing the beautiful images you show them for the design proposal, people forget about the current clutter that they have in their bathrooms. So it’s important for us as designers to figure out our client’s needs and habits in regards to clutter in order to design the best solutions for them and the space.”

Combining beauty with practicality

There are lots of solutions to creating storage in a dream bathroom. Our design process makes sure important requirements such as storage are a priority, leaving bathrooms completely clutter-free for you to enjoy relaxing in. Think about how much space you really need for storage and talk about it with our team to help us find you something that is going to meet your needs and look beautiful.

Recess above a wallhung WC. Floor to ceiling mirror on one wall. Large fosted glass window opposite. curved mounted basin on soapstone floating shelf. Floor and walls soapstone tiles.
Recess above a toilet from a bathroom in Esher

Recesses are a great design tool to create a simple yet attractive storage solution which don’t take away from the space of the bathroom. Creating recesses in your shower cubicle for toiletries or perhaps above a bath for candles and bath salts help keep products off ledges and surfaces, helping the bathroom look less cluttered.

“I particularly recommend recessed mirror cabinets, storage below the basin, and little to no worktop space around the basin to avoid covering them with products that should go back into storage.”

Mirrors are a great asset to your bathroom; not just for morning rituals, but for spreading light around the room. Adding them to a recessed cabinet is a great way of smoothing the wall space, which is just as important as the floor or any other surfaces in the bathroom.

Wall hung basin within a two wide drawer whiteunit. against light green/silver/white long mosaic tiles. Illumiated square mirror above basin,. Wall hung WC with 2 recessed shelfs against a cream tiled wall. Mosaidc within the recesses.
Drawer space in a bathroom in Esher

Drawers are also vital for keeping the bathroom clutter free.

“You can decide if you need a deep drawer for bigger items or 2 to 3 drawers for smaller items.”

Having the flexibility of drawers of different depths allows you to modify your bathroom to accommodate the things you need in it at the time.

There are so many styles of storage solutions that are extremely practical and look beautiful. To find out more about designing your dream clutter-free bathroom, get in touch.