What is a Wet Room?

A wetroom will give you an exhilarating showering experience that’s beautiful to look at, easy to clean, practical and timesaving.

Wet rooms are super stylish and will certainly add a “wow” factor to your home. Not only does a wet room look fantastic in sleek, contemporary bathrooms, it’s also practical – being easy to clean and providing an accessible shower for children and those with mobility problems.

Wetrooms vs walk-in showers – what’s the difference?

What differentiates a wet room from a walk-in shower is that the shower tray is completely concealed – flush fitting drains give a minimal disruption to the floorline giving a smooth, seamless finish, maximising space and allowing for some interesting design concepts. For the wet room to be completely waterproof, a process called tanking is used and all of the walls and floor are treated with a special tanking system and then tiled. This essentially creates a completely waterproof box.

Here are some great examples of wetroom designs that add to the modern, luxurious bathroom design.

Back lit wet room
Bathroom Eleven Wet Room

Bathroom Eleven are Surrey’s leading design and wetroom installation company. “We have completed a vast array of wet room projects and are rapidly becoming the go-to-specialists” says Ben Setterfield, Bathroom Eleven’s hands-on owner, creative and wet room fitting expert.

Design flexibility

A wet room can be any size or shape offering versatility and complete design flexibility. They offer a luxurious bathing experience with the option of using exciting new products from exhilarating wide rainfall shower heads to showers that feature a variety of different water options, lights and music. The available space can be transformed into something distinctly stylish that turns the necessity into a luxury.

A wet room has the potential to be a true work of art. Due to the minimalist nature of the design wet rooms can feature different materials such as wood, stone and concrete, allowing your creativity to run wild and perfect for creating a contemporary look.

Here the use of white tiles gives the wet room a fresh, stylish appeal.

Bathroom with bespoke shower enclosure in Surbiton
Bathroom Eleven Bathroom and Wet Room in Surbiton

Practically amazing

By removing the bath you are maximising your space and opening up the bathroom. There is no need for a bulky shower enclosure with doors that may intrude upon what little space you already have. A completely waterproof wet room gives you more space to shower in creating a real haven of tranquility and the ultimate showering experience.

Thanks to the clean, minimal lines of a wet room, maintenance and cleaning are easier than a traditional bathroom, leaving you with more time to enjoy your luxurious new showering experience.

For people who struggle with mobility a wet room is a life changing and luxurious solution to bathing difficulties.

Stylish and supremely practical, a wet room can be a real asset – no shower tray means nothing to step over, the floor is level throughout the room and offers a slip-resistant floor. Thanks to the showering area of a wet room being flush with the rest of the bathroom, it provides easy access for all ages and abilities.

Why not speak to the designers at Bathroom Eleven to understand all of the options and the perfect wet room solution for your home? They will work with you to create a space that is a reflection of the rest of the bathrooms or a statement contrast in pattern, colour or texture.