Making a Statement with Bold Colours in your Bathroom

With neutral colours firmly in fashion at the moment it can be a daring move to introduce bold colour to your bathroom design. However, small spaces often lend themselves to a splash of colour and with imagination and careful planning you can achieve a truly individual, luxury look without losing the clean, calm, vibe of your bathroom design.

Here are our tips for using bold and accent colours to create a luxury bathroom for your home.

1. Wall colour

Statement wall in shower. Aqua mosaic against a grey slate. Recessed shelf for a streamlined effect
A statement wall in bathroom design

Paint is a practical way to introduce bold colour to your bathroom. If the idea of adding block colour to your whole bathroom is too much why not opt for a statement wall?  Wall colour can be a clever way to draw attention to a bathroom feature for example interesting taps or a statement bath. See our article on attaining that contemporary bathroom design.

Think about the colours you like and the mood you want to create – do you value peace and tranquillity or do you want an envirogating space to wake you in the mornings?

Johanna Flores, bathroom designer at Bathroom Eleven adds:

Royal blues have been particularly prominent in recent design shows. These rich, sophisticated colours work extremely well with different styles from contemporary to traditional. Clients are becoming braver about using darker colours in their bathrooms and it goes marvellously with all trends at the moment such as ash, copper, gold, marble and wood finishes.

Alternatively, why not consider tiles? Gone are the days of tiling the entire bathroom. For a modern feel use tiles and mosaic to draw attention to a focal point for example in the shower or behind the vanity. Tiles bring colour, texture and flow to a room and can be used effectively in large or small spaces.

Here is a stunning example where, by incorporating large grey tiles with aqua mosaics, an elegant bathroom has been created whilst maintaining style and personality.

Aqua tiles in contemporary bathroom. His & her top mounted wave sinks on a floating plinth. Mirrored cupboards with down lights. Grey tiles on floor
The same bathroom uses tiles as highlights

2. Wall art

Vibrant wall art is a fantastic way of introducing personality to a room. Johanna gives her customers great advice.

Bathrooms shouldn’t just be functional spaces, if you add personal touches yours will look more interesting and feel like a room where you can unwind. Pictures can inspire, evoke memories and give a room character and tone.

3. Make the most of your windows

Clever use of window furniture such as shutters and blinds can be a smart way to introduce colour whilst being practical and providing privacy.

Have you considered introducing stained glass to your bathroom design? Whether you’ve got a beautiful window to show off or a view you’d rather not see, stained glass won’t just brighten the window, it will cast beautiful coloured light into the bathroom too, complementing the interior design.

4. A statement bath

Baths have come a long way since the avocado suites of the 70s. They are now available in an inspiring range of colours, designs and materials. Why not try copper or painted porcelain? Here, the bath is used to give the room a contemporary but vintage feel, an ideal place to unwind and relax.

Freestanding white bath on large square brown tiles. White metro tiles on wall with large heated towel rail to one side. Wetroom style shower with one frameless pane of glass floor to cieling
In this Long Ditton bathroom we designed the bath to be the main feature

5. An interesting floor

Let the floor set the scene. Moroccan design tiles give a bathroom an immediate Mediterranean feel whereas floorboards revamped with paint are key to a contemporary country style. In the past, people were wary of using natural stone in a bathroom. However, advancements in waterproofing mean that stone is now a perfectly feasibly option and can look stunning when honed or polished.

6. Finishing flourishes

Finally, customising a neutral bathroom with furniture such as a coloured stool or hand rail, bold towels, or plants can be an easy way to keep the space updated without the expense of changing the bathroom suite.  Towels can act as the ‘artwork’ for the bathroom and a few plants can go a long way to add interest whether they are real or synthetic.

Accessories are used imaginatively to bring an interesting contemporary splash of colour to the family bath room.

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