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Bathroom Eleven are Surrey’s leading wetroom design and installation company. We have completed a vast array of wetroom projects and are rapidly becoming the go-to specialists and guarantee all our wetroom installations for five years. Our clients often ask us what a wetroom involves and what designs these can achieve. We’ve taken time to answer a few key questions to help decide if a wetroom is the perfect solution for you so have a little read below and call us for a chat.

Wetroom with Shower by Bathroom Eleven

What is a wet room?

There are many versions of a wetroom but essentially it is a shower space where the tray is completely concealed and a tiled floor seamlessly transitions into the shower area without a visible shower tray – creating the sense of maximum space in the bathroom and allowing for some interesting design concepts. We will work with you to create something personal and unique to you.

What does a wet room look like?

The desired effect with a wetroom is one of minimalism. You will work with our Designers to create a wetroom that is a reflection of the rest of the bathroom or a statement contrast in pattern, colour, or texture. Wetrooms can be installed in specific areas within a bathroom or indeed extended to a fully tiled bathroom. It also doesn’t have to be a completely open shower, you can still achieve the wetroom design and have a contained shower area – either by using an enclosure, walls/alcoves, or a glass screen – in one section of your bathroom.

How does a wet room work?

At Bathroom Eleven we have spent our many years of trading to ensure we source only the best and most reliable products that we can guarantee for our clients to a match our level of service and finish. In the simplest terms, a wetroom is configured of a tray, a drain, a trap and the tanking kit. It’s all these components together which ensure the desired watertight and worry-free seal that we install in all our wetroom projects.

Naturally, with a finished wetroom, you wouldn’t consciously be aware of each individual component on a daily use and the tray would be finished with your choice of tiles. Typically, they can be installed inside enclosures or with an open ended glass panel for that minimalist look and inside you can have your desired shower system set up –concealed or exposed, fixed head and/or handset, body jets, etc. The water from the shower is designed to fall within the wetroom area and, following the very slight gradient of the tray below the tiles, the water will drain down to the chosen wetroom drain type. An additional luxury our clients consider with the wetroom set up is underfloor heating as this helps in keeping your wetroom floor both warm and dry after use. If all of this sounds a little confusing, do not worry, our Designers are on hand to show you all the options and guide you to the best solution for your bathroom.

Wall mounted toilet and shower by Bathroom Eleven
Spa style inset illuminated shelves and shower by Bathroom Eleven

Why choose Bathroom Eleven?

We are wetroom specialists. A large proportion of our projects are wetroom transformations. Our own fitting team are specially trained and knowledgeable in the products we use and on installing the wetroom safely in your house. The beauty of a wetroom is the flexibility on the size and shape of them so working with our personal Designers, Adam and Johanna, we can discuss how a wetroom area would work in your bathroom – you might be surprised at where these seamless showers can fit. Additionally, we are so confident on the quality and our expertise in the forte of wetrooms that we guarantee all of our wetroom installations for 5 years.

Marble bathroom with double sink, toilet and shower by Bathroom Eleven

Do you want to know more about our wetrooms and how we work?

Please do get in touch and let’s have a chat! Wetrooms, and beautiful and unique bathrooms, are what we are passionate about creating. Our Designers are excited and knowledgeable about all the latest trends in interior design and can assist you in creating a bespoke bathroom that is personal to you. Whether it’s a new twist on a classic design, a beautiful minimalist wetroom, or a forward-thinking design statement bathroom you’re looking for, our Designers and Installation team at Bathroom Eleven can achieve your dream bathroom space to start your day right or unwind and relax in an evening.

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